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A Public Announcement is a cashmere clothing company whose product line is distinguished by superior quality materials and refinement in design. Through creativity, attention to details and a continual desire for improvement, the company gives a special appeal to style and comfort.

By striving for superior standards in primarily cashmere, A Public Announcement offers contemporary luxury in everyday essentials, that are made to sustain. 

In our designs we strive to combine the spirit of this luxurious fiber with the unexplored opportunities for cashmere to be at the cutting edge of fashion design and style. 

Our customers are people who appreciate true luxury, comfort and style. People who want to know where the products come from and who made them. People who care for others and care for nature. People who want to stay warm and carry on.

So what is Sustainable Production and how does it work?

Due to the increased population of livestock and the lack of pasture management system we are facing a vast degradation to the fragile grasslands of Monglia. This is the greatest threat to the unique heritage of Mongolian nomadic pastorlism. Lack of access to fairly priced markets and affordable services, low employment opportunities and high vulnerability to climate conditions are creating difficult circumstances for herders to achieve sustainable practices and high quality cashmere production, thus they have a very weak bargaining position in the value chain.


How are A Public Announcement involved?

A Public Announcement supports initiatives to develop pasture management system while improving quality of the cashmere as well as ensuring it's trancability. In partnership with "AVSF Mongolia", A Public Announcement is working closely with the herders and cooperatives to directly purchase cashmere from herders who are committed to adept sustabainble approaches. To encourage and promote operations of the cooperatives, A Public Announcement pays premium on top of the price.

"AVSF Mongolia and A Public Announcement focus to improve: Land management, herd productivity, cashmere quality, animal rights, value chain developmet and certification such as ISO9001.

For those who care about nature and the enviroment the origin and way of production is essential. With our sustainble cashmere project, we ensure full traceability of the fiber at all production cycles.

By implementing this project, A Public Announcement was able to provide fair and premium prices for herders and in return were able to trace the origin of it's cashmere while keeping a long-term relationship with the herders. Overall placement of the herders and goats position on the value chain has been improved and for this reason they are now able to secure fair prices and good conditions.

As of 2018 a great amount of our production is located in Florence, Italy. We constantly try to improve our products while maintaining on good foot with Mother Nature.


A Public Announcement was founded in New York 2015.



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