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A Public Announcement is a cashmere clothing company whose product line is distinguished by superior quality materials and refinement in design. Through creativity, attention to details and a continual desire for improvement, the company gives a special appeal to style and comfort.

By striving for superior standards in primarily cashmere, A Public Announcement offers contemporary luxury in everyday essentials, that are made to sustain. 

In our designs we strive to combine the spirit of this luxurious fiber with the unexplored opportunities for cashmere to be at the cutting edge of fashion design and style. 

Our customers are people who appreciate true luxury, comfort and style. People who want to know where the products come from and who made them. People who care for others and care for nature. People who want to stay warm and carry on.

So, what is Sustainable Production and how does it work?

Due to the increased population of livestock and the lack of appropriate pasture management systems we are facing a vast degradation to the fragile grasslands of Mongolia where almost 60% of the global cashmere supply is sourced from. This is the greatest threat to the unique heritage of Mongolian nomadic pastoralism. Lack of access to fair-priced markets and affordable services, low employment opportunities and high vulnerability to climate conditions are creating difficult circumstances for herders to achieve sustainable practices and high-quality cashmere production. Thus, they have a very weak bargaining position in the value chain and often are left with no economic security.

How is A Public Announcement involved?

A Public Announcement supports initiatives to develop pasture management systems which further aid improvements in cashmere production value chain as well as ensuring it's traceability. 

Encouraging the adoption of sustainable practice models developed by international NGO’s such as “AVSF”, A Public Announcement is working in close partnership with manufacturers, herders and herders’ cooperatives directly to purchase, prepare and produce premium quality cashmere which ensures security to the traditional way of life for Mongolian herder families’ with the aid of modern science.

This way, APA can provide premium prices above market value to reward such good practices. As a result, A Public Announcement was able to establish a successful long-standing relationship with the herder families.

Here at APA, not only do we care about the wellbeing of mother earth, we aim to improve cashmere quality and the livelihood of the traditional herder families by promoting and implementing good pasture management and selective breeding systems (to reach optimal herd mix) , fair and ethical trading conditions as well as the application and certification of international standards such as ISO 9001 in our production stages. 

We continuously strive to improve in all aspects of our business by maintaining conscious practices as well as a heart for Mother Nature.


A Public Announcement was founded in New York, 2015



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